Payment terms

This year, for ecological reasons, a single payment slip has been sent to you for the payment of your rent.

Your payment alternatives

Standing order
The payment slip allows you to set up a standing order with your bank.


Payment of your monthly rent by e-banking using the same payment slip.


Receipt of your invoices electronically without manual entry of invoicing data (registration via your bank's e-banking portal).


What are the advantages?

A financial gain!


No more costs at the post office counter.
No payment slip dispatch costs (charged CHF 30 for any additional payment slip request).


Time saved!


No more travel, as payments are made from your home, at any time, and can be automated.
One click is enough; find us on your bank’s e-banking portal.


A gain for the planet!


Replacing paper invoices with e-invoices is good for the environment.
Less paper, and also less use of chemicals or ink.
We are also reducing the volume of physical transport.

Solution with fees:

Post office
Contact our services to obtain 12 payment slips to make payments at the post office counter. Please note that this method of payment will incur an annual fee of CHF 30 at your expense for the printing of payment slips and their dispatch as well as the re-invoicing of costs resulting from the payment at the counter.