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While the administrative and technical dimensions are essential to the smooth running of a co-owned property, people remain paramount. As a pioneer and instigator of this management method in Switzerland, we know at Gerofinance I Régie du Rhône how important the quality of relationships between co-owners is. The administrator and his dedicated team listen to you to manage your co-owned property according to your expectations.

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The Gerofinance I Régie du Rhône group currently manages:


PPEs (co-owned property by floor) under management


PPE lots
Whether PPE, residential co-owned properties, commercial or even common outbuildings, we manage all forms of property. Our 17 administrators are supported by teams of in-house lawyers, accountants specialising in this form of property, and technicians and work and renovation professionals who cover all the services required for the perfect functioning of your co-owned property.

Your administrator keeps a monitoring dashboard up to date, which provides you with complete transparency on the actions undertaken, supported by the regular meetings he or she organises. Our digital platform E-Quorum enables you to have real-time monitoring of the measures undertaken.

And beyond these technical aspects, versatility, flexibility, listening, psychology and availability are required to ensure perfect management of co-owned properties. These human qualities are our strength!
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Human management

Co-owners expect their administrator to have advanced technical skills, but also to be available and responsive. Our dedicated administrators understand you and help you organise your co-owned property, always prioritising listening and dialogue.

The goal? To bring together, so that co-ownership life runs smoothly.

Administrative, technical and legal management

Managing a co-owned property requires specific skills that are learned over many years. The administrator relies on a team of professionals dedicated to managing your co-owned property.

Accounting department, integrated legal department, technical department, renovation and works department, all come together to cover all of your needs.

A renovation and works department

Renovation and works is an additional department integrated into our co-owned property department. Refurbishment of facades, Minergie standards, sealing treatment etc., the building is examined from all angles. The teams intervene from management of the operation to coordination by way of supervision, while offering regular reports to co-owners.
All works are organised in coordination with the members of your co-owned property's Management committee.


Connect online and access all the information relating to your PPE. Our e-copro tool included in your administration mandate gives you access to:
- Documents relating to your PPE (e.g. minutes of general meetings)
- PPE and heating statement, reports, statement of the renovation fund
- Works management (work order, invoice, etc.)