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By entrusting us with the management of your real estate assets, you entrust us immense responsibility. We respond to that with the highest standards. First and foremost by putting people first. Our employees across our large network of agencies all know the region in which they work extremely well. Secondly, we offer you unparalleled service quality. We combine expertise with innovative tools and a multidisciplinary approach to ensure perfect management of your residential buildings with unregulated or subsidised rents, commercial buildings, student residences, cooperatives or rental management of an apartment or a villa.

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The Gerofinance Régie du Rhône group currently has under management:



rental buildings
millions in rental income

All types of buildings and especially yours

Residential buildings

By entrusting us with the management of your building, we are committed to preserving and optimising the value of your property at a technical, administrative and financial level. While working to meet your expectations.

Subsidised buildings

We have a long history of managing real estate under state control. Our specialists have a perfect understanding of the obligations and legal and administrative provisions specific to this management while demonstrating sensitivity in this type of management.

Commercial buildings

Whether office buildings, industrial or artisanal buildings, we preserve, manage and optimise the value of professional premises. We also handle the overall management and common amenities of shopping centres.

Housing cooperatives

The specific constraints of the management of buildings owned by members requires being accustomed to it, which our employees can confirm is the case. They will provide the advice necessary for defining the articles of association, acquiring shares or terminating and organising general meetings so that your co-ownership reflects its members.

Student residences

We have developed a turnkey concept that makes life easier for students and optimises the value of your building.

Residential apartments or villas

Are you an owner and want to have your property managed?

Local management

The careful management of a building, whether residential or commercial, involves good responsiveness when difficulties arise. This is why we dedicate a local member of staff, who can act quickly, who is specifically assigned to you.  This human, local management is the best guarantee for preserving and developing your assets.

Rental management

"We maintain a relationship with tenants based on listening to them. In addition, our lawyers have a perfect understanding of tenancy law and our managers anticipate market variations by using high-performance IT tools.

We study the different trends in the residential and commercial rental market to advise you on opportunities and transformations in rental management."

Technical expertise

"Our technicians deal on a daily basis with the various professions. They master the legislation on works. Their proactive vision, combined with the many visits they undertake, offers a very precise vision of the state of your building and of the works to be undertaken, if necessary.

Our renovation service will also guide you in the management of your sites."

Financial management

"By combining traditional management tools with the power of digital technology, our experts can answer all your questions. Whether it is opening accounts, a specific accounting plan, online account consultation in real time, we provide you with regular and precise monitoring.

Valuation, optimisation, stabilisation; our specialists will support you as closely as possible so that your assets are your best investment."