How do I obtain a certificate from the lessor in order to obtain a badge for parking?

You must send us the Fondation des Parkings form duly filled in. We will stamp it and return it to you by mail.

How do I get a copy of the document (lease, amendment, etc.)?

You must send a request by email to your administrative assistant. We inform you that you will be billed for any document request.

I have co-signed my lease with a guarantor and now want to take over the lease in my own name. Is this possible?

You must send us a request letter signed by the lease holder(s) and the guarantor. You must also attach all the documents useful for updating your file (payslips to prove a salary increase, for example). The determination of the owner remains reserved.

The exit inventory of my apartment has been carried out. When will I be able to recover my rental guarantee?

The deposit will be returned to you at the end of the lease once you have paid all the rents and charges and any costs for repairing the premises.

Do I have to be present at the entry inventory?

The inventory enables you to write down the condition of your accommodation. In the event of unavailability, you must inform the management in advance and give a power of attorney to an adult of your choice with a copy of your ID and all the documents requested when signing the lease so that we can give them the key to the apartment.

I want to terminate my lease. What should I do?

Cancellation must be done by registered mail. This must be signed by all the co-signatories of the lease contract and reach the lessor within the time limit set by the lease contract (the date of receipt being proof).
The termination periods vary according to the lease contracts. These are defined under the special terms and conditions of your contract.

What is a share in a housing cooperative?

It is an ownership interest in the share capital of the Cooperative. It is compulsory to join the cooperative. It is individual, non-transferable and refundable upon termination of the lease.
When allocating accommodation, the share is deducted from the equity to be contributed.


How should I give you my file?

You can give it to us by post, email, or in person. However, we recommend that you favour rapid means of communication, as rental properties are often quickly allocated. However, you will be asked to bring the original version of your certificate of non-prosecution when signing the lease. For HLM (council) applications, it is imperative that you submit your applications in person.

Do I need a guarantor?

We will ask you to have a guarantor if you have insufficient income (unemployed, student, etc.), if you are subject to legal proceedings or if you are on probation.
Your guarantor must provide us with a complete file (same as yours) and reside in Switzerland. However, it is not possible to have a guarantor for subsidised housing.

I visited an apartment that interests me. How do I submit my file?

A.) Unregulated rent apartment:
Complete the registration form corresponding to the type of apartment desired:
Provide proof of income or the last 3 payslips of the lessee and the co-lessee,
Provide a copy of the ID for the lessee and the co-lessee or a copy of the residence permit for non-Swiss nationals,
Obtain, at your expense, a certificate of non-prosecution dating from less than three months ago from the Debt Collection Office for the lessee and the co-lessee, (online or by providing us with the original in person).
The address of the Debt Collection Office is as follows:
The presentation of all these documents does not commit our agency if your application is not accepted.
B.) Subsidised apartment:
After checking that you meet the allocation criteria (status, occupancy rate, access scale), complete the registration form corresponding to the type of apartment wanted:
Provide all of the documents mentioned at the end of the form.
For more information on subsidised housing and the allocation criteria, you can also visit the DALE - Cantonal Housing and Land Planning Office - page

I have identified an apartment that interests me on your website. How do I visit it?

Please comply with the information mentioned on the page of the property concerned and click on the "see number" tab to contact the person in charge of visits.

I'm looking for an apartment. Is there a waiting list?

No, however you will soon be able to create an e-mail alert based on your search criteria and receive the description of the property to be rented as soon as it is posted on our website.

How do I provide a rental guarantee?

If you do not want to block a large sum of money on a bank account, it is possible to enter into a contract with companies which will guarantee your rent with the property management.
Surety companies will generally charge you a fixed amount in the first year, and a percentage of the amount to be guaranteed in subsequent years.
We recommend the following company: Smartcaution.



What should I do if I want to install a dishwasher, washing machine, security bar, solar blanket, peephole, etc.?

Any additional installation request must be made in writing.

I have noticed pests in my apartment. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately during opening hours, and we will tell you what steps to take.

I have noticed overflows, water leaks, dripping or blocked toilets during the weekend or outside of office hours. What should I do?

Outside the opening hours of our telephone switchboard (before 9 a.m., between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. and after 4:30 p.m.) and in emergencies only, we ask you to contact the breakdown service mentioned on the notice board of your building. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the costs incurred may possibly be at your expense in the event of fault.


From what date am I late in paying my rent?

The rent is payable per month in advance, that is to say that your payment must reach us before the 10th of the current month. Without this, additional costs will be charged


From what date am I late in paying my rent?

The rent is payable per month in advance, that is to say that your payment must reach us before the 10th of the current month. Without this, additional costs will be charged